GM Clay here—-

I’m planning to use the latest version of MapTool (version to be noted soon), with minimal framework.
After every session a story re-cap, maps, loot, and XP will be updated.

I'm designing the initial adventure to serve as an introduction to the game, since some of the group (myself included) are new to the system. It will focus primarily on wilderness exploration and dungeon-delving, but there will be some opportunities for social interaction and intrigue as well.

After things get started, we can steer the game in whatever direction the players want to go. If you want more of one thing or less of another let me know, and I'll do my best to accommodate that.

Allowed Sources are the Player's Handbook, Errata, and the spells from the Elemental Evil book. Other sources, including homebrew stuff, may be allowed with DM permission. I'm willing to work with people if they have an idea that isn't covered by the standard rules, but keep in mind that anything houseruled may be subject to revision after we see how it plays.

Characters will start at 3rd level. You get max HP at level one and average (rounded up) for each level after 1st. For instance if your class has a d8 hit die, you would get hit points equal to 8 + your Constitution modifier at first level, and 5 + your Constitution modifier at each level after that.

For ability scores, roll 4d6 and add the three highest dice together. Do this six times, and assign the totals to each ability score as you see fit.

If you want, you can shift one point from the final totals—reducing an ability score by 1 and raising another by the same amount. For example, you might subtract a point from strength and add it to intelligence.

If you really don't like the rolls you got, you can use another player's rolls instead. (Post your rolls or grab posted rolls from the Forums.)

Also if you want to roll up more than one set of scores and then choose which one to go with that's fine, just be sure to record each set so the others can be used later.

We will be using the optional feat rules from Chapter 6 of the Player's Handbook, and you can use the variant human traits from page 31 if you want.

Equipment: Characters start with 100 gp in addition to their 1st level starting equipment. (Any piece of starting equipment may be exchanged for it's full gold value at character creation. I suggest doing this instead of taking the random starting gold option, as the items in the starting packages are worth a lot more than what the average roll will give you.)

Mounts will be provided as part of the adventure, but if you want a personal mount and have the funds we can work something out so that you don't end up paying for something the rest of the party gets for free.

Also, feel free to stat up multiple characters if you want. I'm designing the campaign so it will be possible to swap characters in and out occasionally or even switch focus to another group so people can get a feel for the different classes and options available.

Characters not in use will be assumed to be adventuring and leveling up "in the background," so you won't fall behind if you switch.

The Dalemark Gambit

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