The Dalemark Gambit

The Adventure Begins

Salty Birds

Upon invitation from Lord Dalemark, Knight Treize, Monk Cavadin "Cade" Bolger, Cleric Eanlail Karr, and Artificer Zakariya Razi all attended a dinner hosted by the noble lord. Afterwhich Lord Dalemark held a private audience with the summoned adventurers.  
Lord Dalemark hired the adventurers to investigate the disappearance of a young noble woman from a rival family who joined the local adventuring 'festivities' under a false name. The party she was with has reportedly vanished several weeks prior just outside of the event area— past the garrison town of Lairwood. 

Upon negotiating a healthy fee of 50G to each successful surviving adventurer, the party set out.

The first couple days were uneventful beyond the playful pillaging of personal properties by a small clockwork crab created by Artificer Zakariya. Yet, on in the early hours of the third day they were not so lucky. While passing by a peaceful farmstead, the party heard an alarmed shout. Over the building crested a Giant Eagle with their newly won piglet prize.

Treize, being of quick mind and quicker hand in the early morn, was the first to act as he quickly loosed an arrow at the flying beast.  The arrow pierced deep into the wing, however, unlike normal beasts the eagle seemed to think that a more hostile approach was preferable to running away.

A raucous screech was loosed from behind the building as another eagle appeared. This one carried the small form of a stolen chicken.

The party fought in fervor against the frenzied fowl and bested them with acid and mighty blows.  

The eagles once known as Steve the Magnificent and Bob the Mighty were now  Bob the defeated and Steve the Melted. (400exp) The party then healed the injured farm animals, collected the giant eagle remains and spoke to the locals. While Cade spoke with the farm cook,  Eanlail, Treize, and Zakariya spoke with one of the farmers who, when questioned, mentioned a curious observation.

She noted a ring of desirable beauty that seemed to have a gem that had a glowing symbol within it.

It took the party most of the day before they finally reached Lairwood. Upon their arrival, the young and possibly starstruck guide handed the party a forgotten scroll before wandering off towards the local tavern.


Phantastic! Oi fukin ‘ate goddamn birds! Glad to ’ear you you sent ’em straight to ’ell. Oi especially loike the artists render o’ the bat’le. Beeutiful

The Adventure Begins
Clay_Wolfe MitzysaurusRex

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