Sir Pomp Adillious Izzir Nic Nak the 4th

Wandering Goblin Merchant


A small, ugly little green creature wearing what looks like a dirty pink flower curtain turned into a cape. They have a frog hat—which may or may not be dead—and a large jangly pack that clanks in an almost musical way as they poke through the dirt and sing.

Izzir Nic and Izzir Nak
Izzir’s got yer nick-nacks
Find a hole and poke a grub
Izzir’s got a snack-snack
Shiny rock or ugly hat
It goes into Izzir’s pack
Cause Izzir’s got yer nick-nacks

“I IZ, Sir Pomp Adillious Izzir Nic Nak the fourth, but you may call me IZ because I IZ simply a hum-bubbled merchant.”

Current Inventory

  • Steel Mirror – etched with sylvan designs, 5 sp

“Shiny mirror. Looks like elfy britches dropped. Muddy muddy muddy. Rinse and wash in the river makes it back to shiny. Very shiny now. Elfy.”

  • Silk Handkerchief – smells of sulphur, 10 gp

“Nice smelling nose rag. Smells like bird nest. Old bird nest. Yummy yummy eggs.”

  • Silver Pendant – shaped like the face of a laughing satyr, 5 gp

“Laughing horn-man neck shiny. Found it up high searching for bird egg. Nice shiny on a branch. Too high for even elfies to climb.”

  • Potion of Ooze Breathing – vial of thick, clear liquid with lots of tiny bubbles trapped inside, 20 gp

“Bottle of bubbly juice. Probably fart potion.”

  • Healing Potions – six basic healing potions, 30 gp each

“Drink. Feel better. Big woop.”


Sir Pomp Adillious Izzir Nic Nak the 4th

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